Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank you!!

It was so wonderful to see so many familiar faces on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate our One Year Anniversary! We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people supporting our little yarn shop.

And when we didn't think we could be any luckier Stacey gave me the quilt that is pictured above. Stacey managed to organize a group of wonderful people to knit up squares and then Dan quilted them all together! I am so touched by this beautiful quilt words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you to Stacey, Dan, Mary, Angela, Carol, Penny, Kathryn, Faye, Seija, Heather and Erin for this beautiful gift. It is something I will cherish forever.

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  1. You are so welcome Ellie! It was a fun project to do. Congratulations on your first year, it has been a lot of fun!