Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fun in Coombs!

Knits by the Sea's table filled with Indigo Moon yarn!

It was a fun Sunday spent in Coombs this past weekend. Sandy and I headed to the 100 Mile Fleece and Fibre Fair at the Bradley Centre just outside of Coombs for the day.  It was so much fun to meet so many new people and see so many different fibres that are available locally!  It was a busy day so we wanted to say thank you to everyone who came by our tables.  Sandy brought some of her beautiful hand dyed yarns, kits and hand knit items and I brought Indigo Moon.

Sandy with all her handmade items.
World Wide Knit in Public Day is coming up on Saturday June 11!  And we will be participating again this year.  We have a great front deck in front of the shop at 366 Campbell Street and so weather permitting we are thinking it would be a great day to sit outside with some yummy treats and refreshments and knit in public!  The knitting in public will begin at 1:00!  So bring your projects and join us for a fun afternoon of knitting on Saturday June 11!


  1. oh how I wish I could be there! Your table looks great :)

  2. O! I am delighted to see your display includes the quilt! Looks like it was a fun day!

  3. Thanks Sarah! Wish you could have been there too! There was no way I was going without the beautiful quilt yarnsalad ;) I'm telling everyone about it!