Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lamb Love!

On my trip over to Vancouver I had the opportunity to stop by Sylvia Macpherson's farm to pick up more yarn and visit the wooly animals that provide it!  Sylvia's lovely farm is located just outside Courtenay.  Sylvia creates beautiful hand spun, hand dyed yarns that we love to carry. She took me into her workshop which is basically a second house on the property (a fibre lover's dream come true!) and it was filled with fleece and yarn.  It was hard to not leave with an entire car full of her yarn.

A section of the workshop.

She also took me visit the sheep and since it is spring there were little lambs too!  Of course they were absolutely adorable and I just wanted to take them all home.  It was really great to see the source for all the yarn that she creates.  It is not very often that you get to see exactly where the wool is coming from, where it is spun and dyed!  Thank you Syliva for letting me stop by!

The one on the right is called Ellie! 

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