Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Skype and Terrible Dance Moves!

The view you would get of me at my desk via Skype.

I am continuing to add to our Knits by the Sea YouTube channel and busting a move while doing it!  The Long Tail Cast On video is the first in a series of intro videos I will be posting over the next little while.  A perfect resource for when you need a little help with the basics...or just a laugh!  So stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for updates on the videos.

We have also added another way to learn or expand your knitting skills - Skype tutorials!  It's a great way to get one on one help with your knitting whether it's learning the basics or expanding your skills.  We can email you handouts and set up a time that will work for you.  You can learn to knit without having to leave your house!  Fun!!  For more details please contact us at and arrange a 10 minute Skype consultation so we can discuss your needs and make a program to fit you!


  1. What awesome ideas! Looking forward to the videos!

  2. Thanks KibbleNKnits! More videos coming soon :)