Friday, March 9, 2012

Like Vegas!

I have found myself saying "It's like a Vegas Casino in here." several times to customers who are shocked about how much time they end up spending in the store.  We get chatting away, or they can't resist spending lots of time petting all the yarn.  But all in all I think I've narrowed it down to the top five reasons why Knits by the Sea is like Vegas!

5.  Lots of bright colours.
4.  We have entertainment in the form of Juliet.  She may not be as flexible as the acrobats in Cirque du  Soleil or be able to hit the high notes like Celine (although her whining does come close) but she has quite a costume repertoire
3. We serve wine!  Another sure way to keep you around...and bottomless mugs of tea!
2. We have no clock you don't realize how much time you are spending here (haha!)
1. You can win big here!

How can you win big you ask?  With our latest contest!  Local designer Faye Kennington has just completed another great pattern but it needs a name.

So here is the contest:

Submit your name choice for the pattern by March 31, 2012 to and include your name, email and phone number.  On Wednesday April 4th at Stitch Night we will put the names to a vote!  The winner will receive a $35.00 gift certificate to Knits by the Sea.  Which is enough to purchase the gumboot topper kit or anything else you would like in the store!

So start brainstorming!  We are looking forward to reading your entries.


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    1. Thanks Nikki! Send the entry to to get entered into the contest!