Saturday, April 14, 2012

We've got sole and cosmos!

No that wasn't a misspell!  We now have slipper soles for all your slipper needs!  These great suede slipper soles come with a free knit and crochet pattern and are lined with comfy faux shearling.  A fun project and a great way to keep your toes nice and cozy!

We keep adding to our KnitsbytheSea YouTube channel.  I just completed a video on how to do yarn over (both knit and purl yarn overs!) and the importance of a life line.  So if you are thinking to take the plunge into some lace knitting this video is for you!  And I am adding more all the time.

Our next Sex and the City Stitch Night is now set for Wednesday May 9th!  And I am inviting everyone to join us either in Tofino or to have your very own in your town!  Lets all get our heels and knitting and join in some cosmos and fun together!  Want to start a group in your area and are looking for others to join you?  Let me know!  We can try and help you get together with other awesome people in your area to stitch with.  Already have a group of awesome ladies and gents you stitch with?  Well we are hoping you will join us for a Sex and the City Stitch Night in your area on May 9th and share your photos and projects with us!  Hope you can join us in the fun!

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