Saturday, April 28, 2012

Zen Cables

For the first time I will be hosting a fall retreat this November 2-4 with designer Fiona Ellis!  For those who aren't familiar with her work you can view some of her amazing cable and colour work designs on Ravelry or her own website here.  

A unique class that is part of the retreat is "Knitting as Meditation".  So often we are learning the techniques and language of knitting and I personally am not often enough stopping to just enjoy the process (ok not consciously anyways!)!  I am really looking forward to this fun class that will offer a different perspective on knitting!  And to help kick start that class that morning there will be a Yoga for Knitters class in the lodge!  Our yoga instructor Flickerine is an avid knitter so she knows some great ways to help us stretch out.  Don't miss this fun weekend of cables, meditating, yoga, great food and fun!  I really hope you can join us!  For full details go here.

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