Sunday, May 13, 2012

I can knit so I can garden right?

That's the theory I'm going on this year.  I've never had a green thumb.  Ever.  I tend to start strong with planting something and lose interest when I forget to water it and then I have to try and revive it.  Forget to water it, try to revive it.  You get the picture.  Since I don't really have a green space of my own I have decided my back deck is the spot.  So this year I am determined to grow something.  Anything!  Fortunately I have the lovely OCN Garden Centre here with knowledgable staff to help me.  I have picked out some plants that are apparently very hearty and will grow in a variety of conditions.  Bamboo for decoration, lavender because I love the smell, daisies, lettuce and kale.  I also have a variety of herbs I am attempting to grow as well.  I figure if there is the benefit of eating it at the end I might be a little more motivated to care for it.

Parka is supervising me mixing dirt.

Even Romeo gets to come out and enjoy the deck gardening!

Knitting has taught me patience, perseverance and that swearing can sometimes help.  So I'm hoping this will translate to helping me try this gardening thing.  The only difference is if my knitting angers me I can leave it for days, weeks, months even years.  Probably not a good idea for the garden.

Juliet prefers the shady spot.

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  1. I'm glad to see all your animals are supervising! Good luck Ellie, I hope your garden grows for you! Have you thought about sunflowers? Your deck is sheltered enough that it might just be hot enough.