Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A fun adventure!

It was quite the fun filled day yesterday and I have lots of pictures to show for it!  Carol one of the shops regular stitchers invited me and Sarah with her to visit her friend Jane up at Westerly Wynds farm.  Jane is well known in the area for her amazing farm and love of animals.  Being a former vet for the area many people got acquainted with her when their animals needed care.  Now retired Jane and her husband keep very busy with their farm.  The farm is located about 30 minutes outside Ucluelet but because the road is a logging road a proper truck is needed to access this farm.  It is a very remote farm with nothing but beautiful ocean views and trees surrounding it.

Upon arriving Jane immediately took us on a tour of her farm and we had a chance to meet lots of different animals.  Two great greeters were one of her cats Maxie that followed us for the whole walk and one of her beautiful big "guard" dogs.  

Our first stop was to visit the angora bunnies!  So fluffy and cute.  Honey Bunny was kind enough to let us pet her.  

Then we went to the beautiful look out point.  Jane was pointing out some spots for Sarah.

There were lots of varieties of birds to see.  My favourite were the peacocks.

And getting to see an angora goat was lots of fun.  He was not allowed to roam free like the other animals.  He has a tendency to ram things.  And he greeted us with some very strong rams on the gate.  Jane said his favourite thing to ram is shiny little cars.  Such a cute face for so much trouble!

And of course there were lovely alpacas roaming around the farm.  I managed to get pictures of them after they were put in their pen for the night.

It was a very fun visit and a pleasure to meet Jane.  It was great to meet all her little animals.  And we didn't leave empty handed!  With all those lovely angora bunnies she had lots of angora fleece!  I managed to leave with a big bag full of lovely shades of angora.  This angora will be available in Knits by the Sea very soon.  It is a MUST feel when you come by.  So lovely and soft it is really irresistible.  It will make any non-spinner decide it's time to try!


  1. Thanks for posting this Ellie, I had always wanted to meet Jane but never made it out there.

    Sarah must be staying for the winter then?

  2. You would have loved her place! She is a remarkable woman. Sarah was sadly only visiting for 2 weeks. She is already gone back to Sask :(