Sunday, November 27, 2011

A sale, sample and chewed needles!

 A big thank you to everyone who came out on Friday night for Jingle into Christmas.  It was so great to see so many people out and so many familiar faces.  And a big thank you to Stellar Coffee for making yummy coffee all night long!  Be sure to check out their website as they have great gift baskets for the holidays.  Perfect for everyone on your list!  Juliet had lots of fun greeting everyone who came in.  She was exhausted by the end of the evening with so many visitors!

I found a use for the leftover yarn from the Jacket from Hell.  And fortunately this time the project was quick, easy and fun!  I knit the Rustling Leaves Beret from the new book Coastal Knits (available in store!).  I haven't blocked it yet but I was so happy to finish it so quickly I decided to wear it right away.  Will block it tonight!

And apparently I have yet to learn my lesson.  This would be needles #3 that my bigger dog Parka has chewed.  They are just too much like sticks for her to resist.  One of the many reasons she is not allowed in the shop.  Another reason is she still thinks yarn is fun to play with.  It has given me a good excuse for switching projects.  I wasn't a big fan of how this was starting to knit up anyways.  SO I've decided to knit some hand warmers instead.  Sadly there is no saving the needles.

The cute face of a needle destroyer.


  1. I have been looking to buy Coastal Knits - I love several of the patterns in it. Could you add it to my wool order?

  2. ooohhhh, she's lucky she's so cute! Sorry about your needles!

  3. Thanks terriknits! It's very true she is lucky she is so cute.

    I've set aside a copy of Coastal Knits for you Janet! It's a great book.