Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gift Registry

Have a Knits by the Sea wish list?  Tired of dropping hints to all your friends and family about what exact yarn and colour way you want?  We have the solution for you!!  This year we are offering a gift registry!  Come to the shop, fill out a form with all the yarns, patterns and notions you want and we will keep it here on file until Christmas!  So now all you have to do is tell your loved ones to go to Knits by the Sea and we will help them with the rest.  This gift registry will be a permanent addition to the shop so you can use it for birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion you think someone might need some help in what to get you.  

Can't come into the store?  Check out our online shop and either use the wish list option there or email us at  If you email us your list we can keep it on file here in the shop for when family and friends come in or call us!  So start dreaming up all the projects you would like to knit and crochet and come in or email us your wish list today!

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