Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Movember!

Well it's that special time of year when many men will grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research.  This can often result is some pretty awful facial hair for a full month.  But it's all for a good cause!  To get involved or donate you can go here.Want a Movember moustache without the commitment?  Or can't grow a moustache?  Well Knits by the Sea has the solution - a Movember cowl!  Learn to knit this fun cowl in a three hour class on Tuesday November 8.  For full class details and info on all our upcoming classes go here.  Happy Movember!!


  1. Cute! Husband and I were talking about Movember last night. He's had a 'stach for the 27 years we've been together. I think I would freak out if he shaved it off and let it grow back for Movember.

  2. Ha! I love it. You are pretty handsome in a mo. I especially like your raised eyebrow in the photo.

  3. I totally understand terriknits! My dad has had a 'stach for my entire life. He JUST shaved it off...I had to ask if he found anything under there. Hahahaha!

    Glad you like the photo yarnsalad. I think I pull of a 'stach pretty well ;)